Arif Khan Joy: A football player who also happened to be a politician



Ashad Talukder: General people of Netrokona Sadar constituency (Netrokona-Barhatta) always been fascinated by  Arif khan Joy’s boldness and his political consciousness. Perhaps no other politician of his age is able to blend the two with such fitness on this constituency. What makes Arif Khan Joy different is that his work was uniformly shaped by a constant awareness of the political reality. He never lost sight of it—partly because he is involved with politics himself.

His identity as a Member of Parliament, however, makes up only a part of what he is. It was not his dominant identity. He is, we can say, primarily a football player who also happened to be a politician. That singular identity, in a way, outweighed—and outlived—the rest of his identities.

Arif Khan Joy’s popularity is a testament to his success as a politically conscious football player. In that he is driven and almost visceral.  There’s a force at work in this journey, a force that can be noticed in all the works of Arif Khan Joy.

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