Durga Puja celebrated in Netrokona



Ashad Talukder:


This year Durga Puja (annual Hindu religious festival) was celebrated in over 486 mandaps in Netrokona district.

Marking Mahashashthi puja was began on October 15 with incarnation (Bodhon) of goddess Durga .

This Puja is the worship of goddess Durga. It symbolises the battle between good and evil where the dark forces eventually succumb to the divine.

One of the most peaceful puja celebrated in Netrokona’s history. Police & civil administration of Netrokona was dedicated on their duty. Police Superintendent of Netrokona Joydev Chowdhury play the main role to successfully complete the occasion. ASP (Durgapur circle) Shah Sibly Sadik’s performance on his duty was also gracious